Needle Gun

As a do it yourself enthusiast, you must have come across frustrating moments while trying to remove old paint and rust from your vehicles and other metallic surfaces, before cleaning the metal surface and applying a new coat of paint on them. Also known as, the needle gun scaler, the electric needle gun is one of the most essential tools to have in your house. You can use it for your projects that involve some sort of metalwork or the other. Apart from removing rust, you can also depend on this device, powered by 120 volts current, and available in different models, for light chipping jobs such as removing welding slag left over after repairing joints. Considering the huge number of models available on the market, manufactured by different companies, you should always check the quality of the product before purchasing it. You should check the power of the motor, as this plays a vital role in providing extra strength to the gadget, making it suitable for all types of chipping and chiselling jobs. The weight of the model you wish to purchase should be light enough to allow you to use it for extended periods without straining your arms.

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Other factors to ponder

Make sure that the model boasts of a gearbox made of magnesium alloy, as this, apart from imparting strength to the electric gun, reduces its weight as well. Always check if the device contains auto stop brushes as this feature protects the armature of the gadget. Make sure that the dealer you plan to purchase the gadget from also supplies different types of attachments such as chisel scaler, as well as crucriform or brush hammer head, as you will require them for certain jobs. You can use this gadget for tasks such as:

- Cleaning machinery, framework, and mixers

- Cleaning the concrete before repairing it

- Removal of slag as well as stress relieving welds

- Removal of accumulated material such as rust corrosion and paint coatings


Always purchase from a reputable manufacturer

People often search online for the cheapest needle gun available, and invariably end up purchasing models manufactured in third world countries. Such products do not last for more than a couple of months before they break down. It is a better idea to purchase it from a reputable trader such as Trelawney spt. A part of the Swedish Indutrade Group, they sell high quality needle guns and other construction, floor preparation, and demolition, refurbishment, and restoration equipment all over the world.